A helper tool for running array jobs on an HPC computational node.

The qarrayrun package was developed by the United States Food and Drug Administration, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

This script executes a single slot of an array job on an HPC compute node. It is intended to be used with Sun Grid Engine, SLURM, or Torque job schedulers. It assumes every instance of the job array runs the same command but with different arguments. This script performs the work of looking-up the arguments in a text file and substituting those arguments into the command to be executed.


  • Executes a single slot of an array job on an HPC compute node
  • Simple parameter lookup language
  • Supports execution in a subshell when needed

Citing qarrayrun

To cite qarrayrun, please reference the qarrayrun GitHub repository:


See the LICENSE file included in the qarrayrun distribution.